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Hi Guys, This is mainly for new people to the SHOW SEASON SCENE!. If you have never been in a convoy please read the following, This is not me trying to Dictate the way things are done within the club, but it is a few simple rules to keep everyone safe and have a great Show season. Also check out the "SHOW SEASON VIRGINS" Topic if you need some ideas on what to take.

For those who don't know me, My name is "The Bishop" I have my own Custom Car Moddification Company in South Wales. I have been on the scene for over 10 years and in business since 2008. Having been part of several car clubs, I have seen and learned alot over the years of what to do and what not to do.

I have also been witness to what can happen when a few people think it will be fun to enjoy the trip too much.

The Main point behind this post is to give everyone the chance to enjoy the entire season together Safely and without incident. So please dont think I am above myself or better than anyone.

Please enjoy and Happy Modding.

Convoy Rules

1. The Convoy Leader is The Convoy Leader.

Please do not overtake the convoy leader, they will know the route of the convoy and any stops that are being made along the way. If you overtake the leader, you could miss a turn or a stop and lose the rest of the group.

2. 60 is Safe.

60 Miles an Hour is plenty to convoy. Please bare in mind, that there may well be people in the convoy who are both new to cruising and to driving. It can be scary for a new driver to be in the middle of a mile long train of cars on a motorway, especially if it is going fast. 60 is plenty on a motorway and is not to fast for slower cars or less experienced drivers.

3. No Stupid Driving.

I have seen far too many times a driver who seems to think they can do what they like, and it end badly. Driving a car can be dangerous, Driving a car in a convoy can be doubly so. Please drive with care attention and respect for others on the road.

4. Buddy up

Whilst in the Convoy take note of the drivers around you. A Buddy system works, especially if there are new drivers involved. If someone has a problem or needs to stop, then stop with them, Contact the convoy leader and try to fix the problem. This isn't Top Gear, dont leave a friend behind.

5. Radios,Sat navs & Phones.

At the Meeting Point, Make sure that you have the relevant details. Speak to the Convoy Leader so that they know both who you are and you know the details of the convoy. The Leader will have details such as Route, Stops and Post codes for Sat Navs. Get their Phone Number from them and if needed which Radio frequency they are using. This will give you the knowledge that if you have a problem, you will be able to let someone know and also you will know at least the destination for a show, or a meet point for a cruise.

6. Respect the Law.

For Far too long we have been pasted with the "BOY RACER" brand. Please respect the law whist in a convoy. You are representing your club and your friends. Alot of planning can go into a convoy and by flaunting the law you can bring the police and possible prossicution to all involved, NOT JUST YOU.

There are alot of shows in the season and that can lead to alot of Convoys, These are simply guidlines for which to use during the trip there and the trip back home. Safety is the main point of this guide. Enjoy your season, enjoy your club and enjoy the cruise.

I Hope that this helps, Happy Modding and have a safe season.

Thanks for reading

The Bishop
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